Chicken on the Bayou/The Boudin Shop
(Henderson, Louisiana)

Country store?  Hardly. 

There may be some kitschy appeal to the store/restaurant, but people can do better than this place.

We've never done this before, but this place really rubs us the wrong way.  They purport themselves as having the "best boudin in the world" but they are little more than a tourist trap.  They do not make their own boudin.  Instead, they serve two factory-produced, mass-market, products.  Sure, we'd eat some of those commercial brands if we were in a pinch (almost never), but Chicken on the Bayou bills themselves as being "The Boudin Shop" and we think they are posers.  Much of their food is really just recycled commercial brands.  We find them an affront to all the folks out there who are putting tradition and love into crafting and perfecting their own boudin recipes.  We'll avoid this place and we feel sorry for people who are tricked into thinking that they are "authentic" (whatever that might mean) culinary creators. 

: 2942-F Grand Point Highway, Breaux Bridge, LA 70517

If you're in Henderson and have to pick up a link, we suggest you hit the Boudin & Cracklin Express which is just about 100 yards away from so called "Boudin Shop."

Overall Rating = AVOID
Reviewed December 2010
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