The Don's location in Scott, LA offers plenty of inside seating.

If you'be been wondering where to get hog lard by the gallon? . . . . . This is one of the places.

Yes, they make and sell boudin too.  The boudin from this location will be reviewed at a later time.
Ambiance: A roomy and bright new store with plenty of indoor or outdoor seating.  Don's specialty meats, boudin, lunches, cracklin, and jerky are second to none.  Spending a half hour eating here on a Saturday or Sunday and then leaving with some food to cook at home is time welll spent.

Location: 730 I-10 S. Frontage Rd, Soctt, Louisiana, 70583 (the original location is in Carencro, Louisiana.)

The Pork Chop Sandwich!!!!

Your time on this planet will have been partially misspent if you do not make your way to Don's Specialty Meats in Scott, LA and order a huge  Pork Chop Sandwich.  They are available only on Saturday morning/afternoon (while supplies last) and they only cost $2.75 .

This item is truly a chunk of pork and bone nirvana and the professionals at Don's will hand select it for you from the insulated cooler they use to keep them hot and moist.  Perfectly smoked, perfectly tender, perfectly seasoned, sticking out of two perfectly plain pieces of white bread and soaked (ask for extra) with a delicious bbq sauce.  Eat around the bone and eat around the fat (or don't): just EAT it.  Plan your day around it.  Re-route your travel plans for it.  Drive your family from St. Louis for it.  Just do it.

I know that Pork Chop John's in Butte, Montana is famous for the pork chop sandwich and I crave one every time I drive across the Big Sky State, but this is different and this is sublime.  

That's All.

Don's has an excellent selection of specialty meats.

Overall Rating = A++
Reviewed January 2008
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