Roanoke Full Stop
(Roanoke, Louisiana)
Roanoke Outside
It is only about a mile off the Interstate and it is well worth the detour.
Roanoke Inside
They have good cracklin too.
Roanoke Boudin
Ambiance: Quite a nice setting.  Drive about a mile off the Interstate and this gas station/store awaits.  Located on a corner lot overlooking rice fields, the setting is pleasant and calming.
Location: 14010 Highway 395, Roanoke LA 70581
The Boudin
Price: $3.89 lb.
Presentation: Toasty warm; the links await you and will be wrapped in foil to be eaten inside or taken away.
: A bit chewy.
Meat/Rice Ratio: More rice than meat.  Meat still plays an integral role in this link and the hearty chunks of meat are particularly appealing. 
: Moist and delicious.  The feathery rice comes with both whole grains and grains that have been cut.  
Spice: Medium/mild.
Overall Flavor:
   Scrumptious. There is a strong parsley component here, but it comes from fresh parsley and it is not overpowering.  Plenty of onion and peppers round out this link and ensure that it has a great flavor punch.
Comments:  An unexpectedly tasty link in a place that deserves your attention.  Next time you're driving between Lake Charles and Lafayette go ahead and get off the highway to give the link at the Roanoke Full Stop a try..

Boudin linked

Close shot

Overall Rating = A-
Reviewed October 2010
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