Hebert's Meat Market & Slaughter House
Location: 7630 West LA Hwy. 338, Abbeville, LA 70510

About a mile outside of Abbeville in the country.  You’ll smell the sweet stench of cow pies blowing in from the surrounding pastures.  The building is a quaint wood frame structure with a low-slung roof.  You’ll park right off of the highway.  Inside this unassuming building it is all business.  On one side of the work area a skilled butcher guides large chunks of meat into the blade of a buzzing band saw.  At a table in the center, several men adeptly carve meat into steaks and chops of all categories.  At the counter a woman serves the line of customers.  The owners will generously provide you with a sample of their cracklin (pulled from a large 5-gallon bucket).

Cost: $2.28 lb.
Presentation: pulled from a steamer at the front counter and expertly wrapped in a piece of butcher paper, rung up at the register, and carefully placed in a brown paper sack.
Casing: Kinda thick.
Rice/Meat Ratio: More meat than rice.
Texture:  A loose filling easily spills from the casing.  It is wet and rather mushy.  Bits of meat (pork?) are enveloped in a light “gravy-like” juice.
Spices:  Mild.  Very mild.
Overall Taste: Odd.  It certainly possesses an animal protein taste to it.  However, it does not boast a decidedly porky taste.  There seem to be many unique items inside the casing, not all of which are typically noticeable in boudin.  Is this a good thing?  The sogginess of the meat and rice merge into a distinct whole, but the end result is mediocre.  
Comments: They have a lot of specials on meat and their meat cases are packed with all types of beef and pork products cut on the premises.  This is a real, working, slaughterhouse and it possesses the character of a real, working, slaughterhouse.  The cracklin was good, and you can even buy a large bag of “cracklin crumbs” (perfect for recipes) for just a dollar or two.
Reviewed on 1/29/05
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Hebert's Meat Market and Slaughter House