Juneau's Cajun Meats
(Marksville, Louisiana)

All sorts of meaty goodness is going on inside Juneau's

Ever get tired of generic signs?  Me too.  This one is sweet!

Overall Rating = A
Reviewed March 2009
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Ambiance: Look for the golden building across from the casino in Marksville, LA.  A spiffy interior with a nice offering of fresh and smoked meats, cracklin, stuffed items, seasonings, and more.  A young and eager staff take care of the particulars.

Location: 6068 Highway 1, Marksville, LA 71350
The Boudin
Price: 3.29 lb
: Wrapped in wax paper and placed in a large paper "boat" then into a brown paper bag.
: .A tremendous casing. Crispy and pleasing.
Meat/Rice Ratio: More rice than meat.
Texture: Long grains of rice, some ground, some still intact define this link which, despite the rice, is still meaty and hearty.  The filling is somewhat on the loose side, but it is not greasy.
Spice: Mild
Overall Flavor: 
Stupendous!  My mouth is watering as I write this.  Meaty, ricey, tinged with a slightly smoky flavor, this is a link you'll crave.
Comments:  The brilliant color of this brilliant link is just one of its appealing features.  Juneau's is perfectly situated across from the large casino in Marksville.  So, if you're there looking for gaming and good food, then this will be a must stop.  They also have smoked boudin.  I wish I tried it!

Take a look at this dark link.  Delicious!

Out back this cinderblock smoker imparts the magic into the smoked items.