Legnon's Boucherie
Location: 410 Jefferson Terrace, New Iberia, 70560

Ambiance: This is a new location in a new steel building with a nice brick facade, creating an old style country store feel.  Inside it is a very modern facility with shiny clean stainless steel tables and work areas.  The meat is all arranged in an attractive fashion and looks delicious.  Owner operated and run by a friendly and capable staff.

Cost: $2.89 per lb. ($3.69 on 1-4-11)
Presentation: wrapped in butcher paper and placed in a brown paper sack at the register.
Casing: Moist and breakable.  A fine casing.
Rice/Meat Ratio: More meat than rice, but the two are in perfect unison within the casing.
Texture: The meat is finely minced without any meaty chunks. The green onion is also finely minced. The rice is neither mushy nor crisp.  Ideal.
Spices: Good spice and very warm.
Overall Taste:  A meaty good taste with a distinct and fine flavor.  A little dry, lacking some of the fattiness of other links of boudin. 

A consistent link of boudin according to someone who has been eating it for almost 20 years.  A clean establishment with friendly owners who are willing to please the customer.  We could eat this boudin daily. Make the drive to "The Berry" and thank us later.
Reviewed on 2/14/04
Legnon's Boucherie
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