Pat's Grocery & Meats
Pat's Place
Location: 732 Young Street, Youngsville, LA 70592

Ambiance: A nice store run by hard working people serving the grocery and meat needs of the people on the ever-growing fringes of Lafayette.  Youngsville is a small town with tremendous growth in its present and future.  Pat's has been a part of the past and should continue to be a part of  its future.
Inside Pats

Pat shows a link of boudiin ready for the customer.
The Boudin

:  $2.99 lb.
Presentation: Plastic wrapped on a turquoise foam plate.
Casing:  Mostly crisp.
Rice/Meat Ratio:  More meat than rice.
Texture:  Kind of dry.  Kind of mushy. Possessing some whole grains of rice and some that are ground.
Spice:  Very mild.
Overall Flavor: This dark link has a pulverized quality to it and the flavor of the liver is pronounced.  With some flecks of fresh green onion, it has a true home-made quality to it.  "Full Flavored" is a term that few would use to describe this link.
Comments:    Pat is a great guy and this family business is worth frequenting.  Their chili-cheese dogs looked awesome.  Let's hope that Pat's expands as Youngsville expands.  Thanks to Buck from Portland, Oregon for his insights into how this link's flavor played with a Pacific Northwester.    

Pat's Boudin

Overall Rating = B
Reviewed December 2007
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