Prairie Cajun Specialty Meats
(Oberlin, Louisiana)
Prarie Cajun Speciatly Meats, Boudin   Prarie Cajun Speciatly Meats, Boudin
Prarie Cajun Speciatly Meats, Boudin
Delightful Pounce (sausage stuffed pork stomach).
Prairie Cajun Boudin
Prairie Cajun Boudin
Prairie Cajun Boudin
Ambiance: A nice little meat market that has clearly been added onto over the years.  It sits on the outskirts of Basile and is run by a friendly and kind butcher who is justifiably proud of the work he does.
Location: 1819 Basile/Eunice Hwy 190, Basile, LA 70515
The Boudin
Price: 3.29 lb.
Presentation: In the event that they don't have any hot and ready they'll pack some up for you to take with you.
: It gives a little and then breaks.
Meat/Rice Ratio: More rice than meat.
Texture: Densely packed and somewhat rubbery.  The tiny bits of rice are easily compressed into the structure of the link.  
Spice: Medium
Overall Flavor:
   There is a certain "fresh meat market" smell that wafts from the link and it has an involved flavor profile.  You'll find little bits of fat and little bits of gristle every now and then. 
: The smoked pure pork sausage I brought home was the best ever.
Prarie Cajun Speciatly Meats, Boudin
Ah, the sometimes lonely Basile/Eunice Hwy.

Overall Rating = C
Reviewed 2010
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