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"Premium, Hot, Boudin"

Ambiance & Location - Available in many grocery stores throughout Louisiana.  This is a commercial brand that is produced in Church Point, Louisiana. Found in the sausage/hot dog section of the store.
The Boudin
Price: Varies.  Roughly $3.99 lb.
Presentation: Shrink wrapped, three links to a pound.
: A decent casing that is thin.  This allows it to break easily, but it will always depend on how you prepare it.
Meat/Rice Ratio: Equal amounts of meat and rice.
Texture: Moist.  Many different textures derived from the different sized pieces of rice and meat.
Spice: Medium (not hot)
Overall Flavor:
A decent flavor.  However, it has hints of "shelf stableness."  It also has an underlying black pepper flavor, but this flavor is not pronounced.  Generally it has a rather complex flavor and this is not surprising considering all the ingredients like applesauce, caramel color, and dehydrated veggies!  The one downside is an ever so slight off flavor that seems to come from whatever preservative that goes into the link to make it shelf stable.
Comments: I'm not sure what the definition of "Premium" is but up until now I didn't think that it would include caramel color, applesauce and dehydrated  peppers, onions, parley, garlic, celery and so on. 

I microwaved this link for several minutes on a low setting to avoid having the casing burst.  It worked out well.
Overall Rating = B+
Reviewed May 2009
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