The Sausage Link
(Sulphur, Louisiana)
The Sausage Link is the place to be.
I'd like to have a double drawer filled with boudin like this at home.
Here they are stuffing boudin.

Ambiance: A large, non descript, building in an busy area of town. Filled with locals lined up at one of two windows for lunch or specialty meats.  Lots of seating available.  You definitely feel like you are at a "locals" type of place.
Location: 2400 E. Napoleon Street, Sulphur, LA 70663
Phone: 337-6252030
Hours: Monday - Saturday 6:00 AM - 8:00 PM, Closed Sunday
The Boudin
Price: $3.49 lb (Boudin Ball = .75 cents)
Presentation: Order at the window and your link will be taken from a huge warming drawer where it resides with dozens of fellow links.
: A thick but snappy casing.
Meat/Rice Ratio: More rice than meat.
: Whole, full, grains of rice are surrounded by wonderfully pulverized pieces of meat.  Plenty of meaty texture and plenty of ricey goodness punctuated with green onion and a reddish tinge.  Not dry and not wet.  
Spice: Medium/Hot (They have "Hot" and "Mild")
Overall Flavor:
   PORKTASTIC!!  The porky punch packed into this perfect piece of boudin is pure pleasure.  It is hearty.  It is satisfying.  It is great.
Comments:  This is my new favorite stop as I travel West along I-10. Great food.  Nice people. Locals atmosphere.  What more could you want?  Oh, and the boudin ball was fantastic!

Other than the heat factor, the spicy and mild links are virtually indistinguishable from one another.
Boudin Ball
With a deliciously hard shell, this may be the best boudin ball I've ever eaten.
Boudin ball
Look at that goodness.
Overall Rating = A+
Reviewed July 2009
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