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Viva La Waffle Food Truck Lafayette Louisiana  Downtowner Boudin Waffle with Cracklin
The sign says it all: "Warm Boudin, Crumbled Cracklin, Steen's Syrup Drizzle!"  That's the DOWNTOWNER!
Viva La Waffle Food Truck Lafayette
Check out this overstuffed boudin sandwich that is the Downtowner.
Downtowner Boudin with Cracklin
The boudin in the Downtowner is a perfect balance of pork and rice while the cracklin crumbles add a crunchy texture counterbalanced by the crisp waffle.

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Ambiance: Viva La Waffle is Lafayette's premiere food truck and their approach is waffle based sandwiches (and fries) with a sort of gourmet flair.   Reviews are strong and they pop up at various locations around town.  This fall they started serving food at the Friday night concert series: Downtown Alive!
: As a food truck they have varying locations.  You can follow connect with them through their website.
The Downtowner
Price: $9.00 

Presentation:  A substantial waffle sandwich slipped into a custom paper sleeve and served by a vibrant food trucker. 

The Sandwich:
The folks behind Viva La Waffle have created a perfectly thin waffle, crisp on the outside and airy on the inside, to serve as the "bread" in their various waffle sandwich creations.   In this case it is over-stuffed with a delicious boudin filling (not in the casing) and topped with a generous handful of small cracklin crumbles and then drizzled with a thick and sweet pouring of Steen's world famous pure cane sugar syrup.   VLW has taken what is a classic combo in the boudin sandwich drizzled with Steen's and ramped it up with the crispy waffle and the crunchy cracklin.  The boudin filling is super tasty with a hint of black pepper and porky goodness.  It sticks together nicely, so it doesn't fall out of the sandwich and the cracklin add a nice textural contrast.  The Steen's, though, pulls it all together and adds the truly unique touch to this sandwich.  They may call it the Downtowner, but it is a Cajun classic with a modern twist through and through.
Comments:  You might blanch at the price, but this is a hefty sandwich!

Overall Rating = A
Reviewed November 2012
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